Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yuletide Honoo by Leecifer

Super7 Blind Bagged Yuletide Honoo Vinyl Figure by Leecifer - Standard Undecorated Version & Chase Decorated Version

Super7 isn’t known for releasing blind bagged figures with randomly inserted chase colorways, so The Blot was really surprised to hear they were doing just this with Leecifer’s Monster Family figure, the Honoo. It seems a little out of character for S7, but I’ll let it slide when the chase is this freaking cool!!!

If you like the holidays and look forward to what you're going to get, Yuletide Honoo is ready to join in on the celebrations. Hidden in a blind bag, Honoo comes in two different versions: Undecorated and the Decorated chase filled with tinsels. Both versions of Leecifer's Honoo is cast in clear green vinyl…the Undecorated Version has silver, red, green and brown sprays, while the Decorated Chase has silver, green, yellow, brown sprays and is filled with tinsel. The Yuletide Honoo will go on sale this Friday, December 16th at Noon PST at the Super7 online store for $35 each.
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