Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obey Giant “Lotus Diamond” Screen Prints by Shepard Fairey

Obey Giant “Lotus Diamond” Red Edition Screen Print by Shepard Fairey

The Blot was shocked when I realized it had been almost 6 full months since I featured an Obey Giant print here on Especially when you consider I used to blog about them multiple times per month. But the truth is I really wasn’t feeling Shepard’s last run of politically motivated prints. Not because of the message but because of the execution, which was always Fairey’s strong suit. Thankfully he’s returned to form with these awesome “Lotus Diamond” screen prints. I’m a sucker for a good Obey Giant pattern and/or flower, and boy are these killer. It’s going to be hard not picking one up later today!

Obey Giant “Lotus Diamond” Yellow Edition Screen Print by Shepard Fairey

"Lotus Diamond" by Shepard Fairey is an 18″x24″ signed and numbered screen print. The Yellow Edition has a limited edition run size of 200 pieces, while the Red Edition has a limited edition run size of 400 pieces. The prints will each retail for $45 and go on sale at a random time today, Thursday, December 15th, at the Obey Giant online store.
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