Monday, January 23, 2012

Android Mini Figure Series 3 Artist Line Up!

Android Mini Figure Blind Box Series 3 Artist Line Up

Today Andrew Bell and Dyzplastic announced there will soon be a third blind box series of their immensely popular collaboration with Google, and they are definitely pulling out all the stops for this one!!! Android Mini Figure Series 3 has an incredible line-up of some of the biggest names in the toy scene, and includes designs by Google, Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Huck Gee, kaNO, MAD, Kronk, Kelly Denato, Scott Tolleson and Sket One! Is that insane or what!?! The Blot seriously can’t wait to see and get my hands on all of these (and I don’t even collect Android mini figures).

One new twist to this release is that unlike Android Series 1 and 2, there will only be one production run of Series 3. Not only that, but this will be the only full artists Android series released in 2012. What does all this mean for us collectors? You’d better make sure you get your hands on some Android Series 3 blind boxes early and often, as this release will end up being a lot harder to get long term and rarer in general. Android Series 3 blind boxes will retail for $8 and go on sale sometime in April, May or June of this year.
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