Friday, January 6, 2012

Barneyism of the Week - Puzzles

“A bar where no one’s overcharged,
where everyone feels valued, respected.” - Ted

A bar where we get chicks drunk and bang them.

“We’re opening Puzzles tonight!” - Ted

Of course we’re opening Puzzles tonight!

“I’ve always envisioned Puzzles as a literary salon,
where Gotham’s intelligentsia hold court on art, philosophy and literature.” - Ted

Great, and while you’re distracting the nerds and fatties
I’ll be in the VIP room getting it in.

Puzzles Theme Song:

“Puzzles is a place where people go to feel like they belong.” - Ted

Gonna take advantage of dumb drunk girls.

“No we’re not.” - Ted


“That would be wrong.

A place where wit and wisdom bloom.” - Ted

A place to bang chicks in Ted’s room.

“Not going to happen.” - Ted

We’ll talk about it.

At Puzzles we all fit together.

“And I’m the bartender!” - Kevin

At Puzzles we all fit together.
On sunny days or stormy weather.
So pull up a chair and sit for a spell.
With laughter to share and stories to tell
Puzzles is a place where everyone feels at home

And we bang chicks in Ted’s roooooom.

How I Met Your Mother - Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson
- Barney Stinson


How I Met Your Mother
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