Monday, January 2, 2012

Fly Me To The Moon Astronaut Dunny Custom Mega Munny by Task One

Fly Me To The Moon Astronaut 8 Inch Dunny Custom 20 Inch Mega Munny by Task One

How dope is this latest custom by Task One!?! Fly Me To The Moon is a custom 8” Dunny and a custom 20” Munny all in one awesome figure! You see, Task’s Fly Me To The Moon Custom Astronaut Dunny is actually wearing the Mega Munny as a spacesuit. As we all know, NASA hasn’t been on top of its game lately, so Dunny’s gotta step up. And step it up he has!

The Fly Me To The Moon Dunny even has a mount at the end of his hose so he can be suspended from pretty much anywhere (a wall, a ceiling, the floor or even a spaceship if you’ve got one) to give off the illusion he is floating in space. But that’s not all…the button on this space fairing vinyl figure’s chest lets you scroll through different RGB LED light patterns. Task One really went all out on this custom! You can pick up this intricate figure directly from Task One via his online store right now for $555.55.
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