Monday, January 2, 2012

Willow Winterbottom Custom 3" Dunny by UME Toys

Willow Winterbottom Custom 3 Inch Dunny by UME Toys

Meet the shy Willow Winterbottom, a cute pink custom 3” Dunny recently created by Rich Page of UME Toys. Willow is a close friend of Martin Longbottom and the niece of Piers, two more of Rich's adorable creations. Willow could have been yours for £45, but thankfully she’s already found a loving home.

This little monster is a great showcase of Rich’s work, but if you think his customs are cool then you’ve gotta check out his original sculpts! Not only do they defy gravity, they’re just plain cool. See more of Rich’s customs and original creations at his flickr page.
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