Thursday, January 19, 2012

Iron Man Custom Figure by UME Toys

Iron Man Custom Figure by [rich] of UME Toys

While The Blot loves me some toys, my first love will always be comic books. So when I see a merging of those two worlds, like with this incredible handmade Iron Man figure by [rich] of UME Toys, I get pretty freaking excited! Every aspect of this 8” figure was handmade by [rich] out of clay, wood and metal, including the crazy looking base holding drunken Tony Stark up. I love this figure because it does an incredible job showcasing [rich]’s unique style while still staying unbelievably true to Marvel’s Armored Avenger. At one time I know this custom figure was available for purchase, but I’m not sure if it ever sold. If you’re interested, shoot [rich] an email…it might just be worth your wild if you do!
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