Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Huck Gee Project: The Seven Samurai Custom Munnys

The Huck Gee Project The Seven Samurai Custom Munny Vinyl Figures by Huck Gee

The fourth and final set of figures in The Huck Gee Project was unveiled and it’s freaking insane!!! The Seven Samurai Custom Munnys by Huck Gee is based on director Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece The Seven Samurai. I could go on and on about how awesome this movie is, but hopefully you already know this so I’ll spare you my ramblings. Huck went to great lengths to make each figure accurate and you can really tell how meticulous he was on all seven Samurai’s garb. Each kimono was hand painted with the original patterns and mon (heraldic symbols that denoted a samurai's family or clan) portrayed onscreen, each samurai's katana and weapon was cast in stainless steel, and the identifying characteristics of each character’s look from the film was captured perfectly in Huck’s signature minimalist style.

The Huck Gee Project The Seven Samurai Custom Munny Vinyl Figures by Huck Gee - Kyuzo, Kikuchiyo, Shichiroji, Gorobei, Heihachi, Kanbei & Katsushiro

One interesting tidbit I learned from Huck’s visit to Houston is that because the movie is in black and white, it allowed him a little artistic freedom to choose each character’s color scheme. In case you aren’t familiar with the Seven Samurai, here’s a quick recap of each character by the private collector who owns this amazing set: 1) Kikuchiyo, the brash, emotionally turbulent, yet ultimately brave aspiring samurai who came from humble farmer origins; 2) Gorobei, a man of cheery disposition, but intelligent in the ways of war; 3) Heihachi, who had resorted to chopping wood so that he could eat; 4) Shichiroji, an old friend of the leader's and a veteran of many battles; 5) Kyuzu, the master swordsman; 6) Katshushiro, the eager, but young and inexperienced samurai from a noble family; and 7) Kanbei, the wise, kind and battle-weary leader of the Seven Samurai.

The Huck Gee Project: A private collector recently commissioned Huck Gee to create an entire series of one of a kind custom figures, which combined would make up a larger project entitled, appropriately enough, the Huck Gee Project. While the project has since been put on hold, the collector has decided to share photos of the completed pieces with the world, since these are such incredible custom Munnys. This is definitely some of Huck’s best work, and I am so glad these photos are seeing the light of day!
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