Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year’s Eve Black & GID Marbled Pumpkin Boy by Super7

New Year’s Eve Black & Glow in  the Dark Marbled Pumpkin Boy Vinyl Figure by Super7

For the second year in a row, Super7 held a surprise release of an all new colorway of the company's mascot Mummy Boy on New Year’s Eve. Although this year there was a slight twist…instead of a Mummy Boy, it was a Pumpkin Boy (same body, different head). At the stroke of midnight (PST), Super7 released the unannounced new figure, a Pumpking Boy made from black and glow in the dark swirled vinyl with sprayed details. The Blot is a sucker for any figure made of marbled vinyl (i.e. two different colored vinyls swirled together) and what’s better than black with GID!?!

The NYE Black and Glow Swirled Pumpkin Boy figure retails for $50 each and is on sale now at the Super7 online store (while supplies last). However, this is a pre-sale and the actual figure won’t ship until February 2012.
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