Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tomenosuke Exclusive Green Hornet Dragon King by kaNO

Tomenosuke Exclusive Green Hornet Dragon King Vinyl Figure by kaNO

Kuso Vinyl and kaNO have teamed up with Tomenosuke to release a very special Dragon King variant! The Green Hornet Dragon King is Tomenosuke exclusive and pays homage to Bruce Lee’s role as Kato in the original The Green Hornet television series. No word yet if this figure will only be available in Japan or if Tomenosuke will ship worldwide, but how great is this colorway!?! The Blot loves color schemes inspired by superheroes, and the Green Hornet and Kato are definitely underutilized characters. I blame the horrible Seth Rogen live action movie, but come on…how many other heroes can say they were actually in the 1960s era Batman TV show?

The Green Hornet Dragon King has a limited edition run size of just 75 figures and will retail for $70 each. You can try to order this great new designer vinyl figure from the Tomenosuke online store.
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