Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crystal Clear Resin Mini Mad’ls by MAD

Crystal Clear Resin Mini Mad'l and Packaging by MAD

MAD’s soon to be released Crystal Clear Mini Resin Mad’ls have quickly become The Blot’s most anticipated release of 2012. I’m a huge Mad’l fan and have been drooling over each and every teaser pic MAD’s been dropping on his Instagram account. Rumor has it these 3" figures will be dropping this week, which is great because I’m not sure how much longer I can wait to get my hands on one! Hopefully this is just the beginning of the Mini Mad’l invasion in both resin and vinyl.

Crystal Clear Resin Mini Mad'ls by MAD

While nothing is definite, it is my understanding that 20 of these Crystal Clear Resin Mini Mad’ls have been produced and they will retail for around $50 exclusively at the Mad’s online store. To find out when they drop make sure you follow Mad on Twitter at @MADToyDesign, Instagram, and/or his new Twitter account @MADLBrand!
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