Friday, March 30, 2012

Kidrobot's Newest Production Dunny: Arlequine 3” Dunny by Koralie

Kidrobot: Arlequine 3 Inch Dunny Vinyl Figure by Koralie

It looks like Kidrobot will be releasing more and more individual 3” Dunnys and The Blot loves it. First came Birro the Clown by Chauskoskis and now meet Arlequine by Koralie! The quality of these designs has been top notch, and it’s great that artists like Chauskoskis and Koralie get the spotlight all to themselves. All I want to know now is who’s next!?!

Star of the show, the happy acrobat performs for the crowd. A servant of laughs and those who adore her, Arlequine hides behind a black mask and red painted lips. A fabric collar frames her face and dwarfs her 3 inch frame. Holding a blue balloon, she stands coyly, waiting for the curtain to fall.

Kidrobot: Arlequine 3 Inch Dunny Vinyl Figure by Koralie

The Arlequine 3” Dunny by Koralie debuts April 12th and has a limited edition run size of just 1,500 figures. Each figure retails for $14.95, and is available exclusively at Kidrobot retail stores. I guess this means no online sales? That’s a serious bummer for most, but thankfully I’ll be traveling back to Las Vegas in late April and will most definitely be hitting up the Kidrobot at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
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