Monday, April 2, 2012

Meatster Bunny Resin Figure by Motorbot

Meatster Bunny 4 Inch Resin Figure by Motorbot

Easter is almost upon us and Motorbot has created a very special, limited edition monster for the occasion. For this figure, Motorbot channeled his inner Frankenstein by transforming his 2” Tiny Teeth Meathead into a 4” Meatster Bunny! He literally took his Meathead figure and sculpted new ears, arms and legs to create Easter’s newest mascot. Who needs a cute fluffy rabbit when the Meatster Bunny’s around!?!

The Meatster Bunny by Motorbot is a solid resin figure standing 4 inches tall and comes packaged in a bag with header card. Each figure is one of a kind and the colors you see here may never be produced again. There’s also talk that this might be the only time the Meatster Bunny is released on the world, so get one while you can! Over the past few days Motorbot has been releasing batches of Meatster Bunnys via his online store. The final wave went live last night and only two remain. So head over to the Deadbear Studios online store and pick one up for just $20.
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