Friday, April 20, 2012

Support The Variants Season 3 Kickstarter Project!

The Variants Season 3 Kickstarter Project

The Variants, a web series about life in a comic book shop, is a must watch for comic book fans everywhere. The Blot’s been a huge fan of the series from the beginning, and when I heard the show’s executive producers were starting a Kickstarter project to help a third season I knew I needed to get involved! After two seasons of being an all-volunteer production, the cast and crew of The Variants need your help to move forward with filming of a third season.

The goal for this Kickstarter project is to raise $8,000 to make season three a reality. As Richard Neal, the owner of Zeus Comics, explained on Twitter, by raising these funds they can film all of Season 3 at one time, which will allow them to release the series weekly and add Chris Haley and Curt Franklin of the webcomic Let's Be Friends Again to the cast. Haley and Franklin guest starred in the season finale of Season 2 as potential investors in taking Zeus (the comic book store where The Variants takes place) national.

The Variants Web Series

The Variants Season 3 Kickstarter project is already halfway funded with almost 40 days still to go! By raising the $8,000 through Kickstarter, The Variants can produce six all new episodes. If they are able to raise $10,000, they will produce 8 episodes, and if they make it all the way to $12,000, they’ll produce 10 episodes and additional content for the series. The Blot is a huge proponent of supporting web series and webcomics whose creators give out free content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which is why I have already pledged to this exciting project. Hopefully after watching The Variants and finding out more about the great incentives involved with this Kickstarter project, you’ll want to support this fantastic show as well.
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