Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet Teuth Resin Figure by Lysol

Dead Hand Toys - Sweet Teuth Resin Figure by Lysol

Lysol of Dead Hand Toys recently supersized his popular Teuth resin figure from 3” to a whopping 7” tall! The redesign looks pretty cool, and his first release of the 7” Teuth sounds even cooler. Created for Tenacious ToysCandy Coated Custom Show on Saturday, April 21st, at The London Candy Company in NYC, the Sweet Teuth is a clear resin figure filled with actual hard candy. Looks pretty tasty doesn’t it!?! Just don’t try to eat him…I don’t think this guy would sit very well in your stomach. This will actually be one in a series of candy filled casts, each one different from the last. More details to come…
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