Monday, May 21, 2012

The Avengers Print by kaNO

The Avengers Series by kaNO - Captain America, Iron Man, Thor & Hulk Paintings

All last week The Blot was fervently following kaNO’s Facebook page as he was unveiling a series of four 8”x8” acrylic and wheatpaste paintings of the Avengers! Inspired by Marvel's hit summer blockbuster The Avengers, each painting features one member of the team: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk. What’s really great about these pieces is how kaNO painted each hero on top of actual comic book pages featuring that specific character. These turned out fantastic, and The Blot would absolutely kill to get my hands on this set of paintings (or even just the Captain America piece).

The Avengers Print by kaNO - Captain America, Iron Man, Thor & Hulk

Because of the amazing response kaNO has received to this series of paintings, he has decided to release "The Avengers" as one killer 20”x20” giclee on archival paper. The Avengers print by kaNO will have a limited edition run size of 20 pieces and can be purchased exclusive from the kaNO Kid online store sometime soon for $45 each.
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