Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers Screen Print Series by Rhys Cooper

The Avengers Screen Print Series by Rhys Cooper - Iron Man, Captain America, Thor & Black Widow

Rhys Cooper created this amazing The Avengers four print series as part of last weekend’s “Assemble” group art show at Gallery 1988. My jaw seriously hit the ground when I first saw these posters of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Black Widow last week. These banner sized prints turned out great (I love the SHIELD logo backgrounds); I just wish he had created a print for each member of the team. Where are my Hawkeye and Hulk screen prints!?! I guess four out of six ain’t bad…

Sold individually, all four hand numbered The Avengers screen prints by Rhys Cooper were available for purchase at the Gallery 1988 online store for $40 each (Captain America and Iron Man have since sold out). Each print measures 18”x24” and has a limited edition run size of 175 pieces. However, only 125 of each print were sold at G1988. I assume this means Rhys will eventually be selling the remaining prints as full 4 print sets on his online store.
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