Friday, May 18, 2012

Pixel Propaganda Apparel T-Shirt Collection

Pixel Propaganda Apparel - Latin Crest & Retro Boy T-Shirts

One of the really cool things about running this blog is all of the amazing talented artists and designs The Blot’s gotten to meet over the years. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting indie clothing brands. Just the other day I was introduced to Andy of Pixel Propaganda Apparel (Facebook page). The Blot’s really digging his brand’s simple yet cartoony style, mixed with some old school 8-bit gaming. He just launched Pixel Propaganda in the fall of 2011, but Andy’s definitely got a vision for where he wants to take this new and exciting line of t-shirts.

Pixel Propaganda Apparel - Classic Pixel Boy, Regal Logo, Pixel Girl & Pixel Boy T-Shirts

You can pick up all of the designs you see here at the Pixel Propaganda online store. Tees run from $9.99-15.95 in a variety of colors and sizes. And if you happen to attend the First Annual Boston Tee Party later this year, be sure to look Pixel Propaganda Apparel up! They’ll be there with a whole slow of indie apparel companies showcasing their wares!
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