Friday, June 1, 2012

Cactus Rockers Vinyl Figures by Tokidoki

Cactus Rockers Vinyl Figures by Tokidoki - Red & Tokidoki Exclusive Blue

Tokidoki revealed the latest star in its Cactus Friends family: Cactus Rocker! Groupies everywhere will undoubtedly flock to acquire the latest character in the Cactus Friends collection. Beginning in June, Cactus Rocker Red will be available nationwide, however Cactus Rocker Blue will only be available at Tokidoki retail stores,, and Tokidoki special events (certain to cause mayhem amongst tokidoki fans).

Both Tokidoki Cactus Rockers stand 6” tall, with a retail price of $24.95 for Cactus Rocker Red, and $39.95 for the Tokidoki Exclusive Cactus Rocker Blue.
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