Thursday, June 21, 2012

Savage Dragon Skateboard by Freak Show & Erik Larsen

Freak Show Longbox Skateboard Series - Savage Dragon Skate Deck by Erik Larsen

As you may or may not know, The Blot is a gigantic Savage Dragon fan! I’ve been reading Erik Larsen’s long running comic book since the very first issue was released back in 1992, which means I’ve now been reading the Image comic for well over half of my life. So when Illinois skateboard company Freak Show (Facebook) announced earlier this week that it was launching its new line of comic book themed Longbox skateboards with a Savage Dragon skate deck I got really excited! While I’ve never been much of a skateboarder, I am seriously tempted to pick up one of these beautiful decks to add to my Dragon collection. Wouldn’t it look sick with a Savage Dragon doodle on it by Larsen!?!

While I haven’t been able to find out too much information on the company itself, I did learn the Savage Dragon skateboard is now available for pre-order through Freak Show's online store in three different options: there’s the basic Savage Dragon deck for $54.99, a signed Savage Dragon deck signed by the character’s creator Erik Larsen for $74.99, and a complete working Savage Dragon deck for $149.99. All decks are scheduled to ship the first week of July, and can be purchased at the Freak Show online store or by emailing them at
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