Friday, June 8, 2012

Super7 11th Anniversary Lucky Bags

Super7 11th Anniversary Party and Lucky Bags

This Saturday is Super7’s annual birthday celebration, so you know what that means…Lucky Bags!!! In honor of S7’s 11th anniversary this year’s LBs will be extra special. Every Lucky Bag will include 9 figures in an environmentally friendly reusable tote bag, and will include randomly inserted custom hand painted figures, unpainted test shots and prototypes, new sculpt debuts and some very unexpected surprises! Best of all, no two bags are the same. While the $300 price tag might scare off some folks, keep in mind with 9 figures in each Lucky Bag that’s only $33.33 per figure.

Super7 11th Anniversary Lucky Bags Reusable Totel Bag

Super7’s 11th Anniversary Lucky Bags will go on sale this Saturday, June 9th, at the Super7 Anniversary Party. Leftover bags will be sold online at 10pm PST at Super7’s online store.
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