Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toxic Billy 5” Custom GID Mad’l by MAD

Toxic Billy 5” Custom Glow in the Dark Mad’l by MAD

MAD just surprised us all by throwing up these sick custom Toxi Billy 5” Mad’ls. According to his online store, MAD found a couple of blank purple glow in the dark Mad’ls and thought he’d ink them up. Did he kill it or what!?! Please someone buy these quickly so I’m not tempted to. Custom 5” Mad’ls by MAD are my weakness, and I've been so good about not buying toys lately.

Each Toxic Billy 5” GID Custom Mad’l is a hand painted one of a kind piece. MAD only made 3 and each comes signed and numbered by the artist. Pick one up today at MADtoystore.com while they last for $75 each.
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