Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Look: Breaking Bad Vannen Watch by Tristan Eaton

First Look: Breaking Gifs x Vannen Breaking Bad Watch by Tristan Eaton

As you all probably know, The Blot is obsessed with AMC’s Breaking Bad! So when Breaking Gifs, the Breaking Bad Alternate Reality Game, gave away 7 Breaking Bad themed Vannen watches yesterday at this week’s print reveal, The Blot got excited. I knew there was no way Vannen only made 7 of these awesome watches. Thankfully a few hours later my hunch was confirmed when we learned Vannen would be releasing this Breaking Bad themed watch designed by legendary artist and toy designer Tristan Eaton sometime soon! 

Breaking Gifs x Vannen Breaking Bad Watch by Tristan Eaton Teaser Image

If you were wondering how this watch ties into Breaking Bad, it’s actually based on one of the show’s most suspenseful episodes “Fly” from Season 3. In that episode Walter becomes obsessed that his superlab had been contaminated when a fly starts buzzing around. Walter is fearful that somehow air is getting in from Gus’ laundry mat cover business, Lavanderia Brillante, which the superlab is hidden beneath.  This explains why the Lavanderia Brillante logo and fly is on the watch's face. The Breaking Gifs x Vannen Breaking Bad watch deisgned by Tristan Eaten will be released soon, so keep your eyes peeled to TheBlotSays.com for more information!
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