Friday, July 13, 2012

First Look: SDCC 12 Exclusive Cyborg Labbit by Chuckboy

First Look: San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive Cyborg Labbit by Chuckboy

Yesterday’s big San Diego Comic-Con 2012 exclusive from Kidrobot was this awesome Cyborg Labbit by Chuckboy and man does it look awesome! Just check out this pic from Kidrobot’s Instagram account. Chuckboy’s Cyborg Dunny is definitely one of the most popular 3” release from the past few years (I swear I see a new custom of it every single day), and this Labbit will make an excellent companion for it. Cheers to everyone that picked up this 7” Labbit today at SDCC.

Only 300 survived the mutation, but that’s why Labbits boink like they do – to survive! With a sudden cigarette shortage, it was time to take drastic and evolutionary action. Enter sexy technology, boasting the ability to smork non-stop without wasting time trying to light up without opposable thumbs. After one sweaty night at the Silicon Valley Motel, the Cyborg Labbit Excelsiors were born. 7-inch vinyl labbits with a tip that never cools, and a butthole that’s always charged – now that’s a hybrid. NYC-based artist Chuckboy upgrades Kozik’s iconic labbit, making it better, faster, and smorkier July 12 exclusively at San Diego Comic Con 2012 for $75.
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