Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Cosbaby 2-Pack by Hot Toys

The Amazing Spider-Man Cosbaby 2-Pack by Hot Toys - Peter Parker & Spider-Man

In conjunction with this summer’s hit movie The Amazing Spider-Man, Hot Toys has released this Cosbaby two figure set that includes Spider-Man and Peter Parker, which is really more of an “Unmasked Spider-Man” than it is a Peter Parker figure. To be honest, The Blot’s pretty disappointed in this release. Hot Toys usually does an amazing job with its character selection, and when I first heard about this Amazing Spider-Man 2-pack I assumed it would include Spider-Man and the Lizard. If you’re only going to release two figures from a super hero movie it really needs to be the hero and villain, right? Who wants two of basically same toy? To me it looks like Hot Toys took the easy way out by choosing two characters where they could just use the same exact body twice.

There were actually two The Amazing Spider-Man Cosbaby 2-Packs created, the Regular Version and a Battle Damage Version, which includes a scarred Peter Parker face and a slightly darker blue Spider-Man costume. Each The Amazing Spider-Man Cosbaby vinyl figure stands 3” tall, includes multiple points of articulation and features your favorite movie characters in baby form. Expect this Hot Toys x Marvel Comics collaboration in stores everywhere.
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