Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loyal K.N.G. Chain Breakers T-Shirt Collection

Loyal K.N.G. Spring 2012 Collection - Chain Breaker Atama, Hustlers x Dreamers, Rebellious Intelligence Seal, Chain Breakers x Idea Makers

For its Spring 2012 Collection, Texas indie brand Loyal K.N.G. introduced its thought provoking new line of Chain Breakers and Idea Makers designs (along with a number of its trademark pop culture inspired t-shirts). This new line is all about breaking the chains of the everyday rat race by establishing unique and groundbreaking ideas. And The Blot knows we can all relate to Loyal K.N.G.’s new motto: "Day-Time Dreamers, Late-night Hustlers." Most of us toil away at our 9-5 jobs while daydreaming about our true passions (whatever they may be).

Loyal K.N.G. Spring 2012 Collection - Stay Cool Atama, Authentic Loyal K.N.G., Big Speed, L.K. College

Loyal K.N.G.’s Spring 2012 Collection also includes some fun pop culture t-shirts like the Speed Racer inspired “Big Speed” and the New Era tribute “Authentic Loyal K.N.G.” That last one is a t-shirt I will definitely need to get my hands on! And if you’re ever in an area where Loyal K.N.G. will be setting a booth, I highly recommend you stopping by to say hello. They’re always releasing booth exclusive t-shirts you can’t get anywhere else, and rumor has it they’ve released a new line of Atama Avengers tees (inspired by the hit Marvel movie) since the last time I’ve seen the Loyal K.N.G. crew.

All of the Loyal K.N.G. t-shirts seen here and so much more are available for sale through the Loyal K.N.G. online store. Each t-shirt design retail for $30 and come in a variety of colors and sizes (XS-XXL).
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