Monday, August 6, 2012

3 New Forest Warlord Vinyl Figure Colorways by Bigfoot One!

The Forest Warlord Vinyl Figure by Bigfoot One – Original Brown Edition Forest Warlord, “Hairy Metal” Black and Silver Edition, “Grapeskunkape” Purple Edition & “Bigbud” Green Edition

Right before SDCC, Bigfoot One released not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 different colorways of his brand new vinyl figure The Forest Warlord! This is definitely a unique way to launch a new figure, but The Blot really digs it. I’m always hesitant to purchase a new figure because I’m always another colorway I might like more. This way, Bigfoot One has already released five of the figure’s planned 7 colorways, which I love. This way you pick the one you like the best or buy them all! It’s an awesome way to release such an epic 11” vinyl figure.

Currently the Original Forest Warlord Brown Edition (450 pieces), the “Hairy Metal” Black and Silver Edition (100 pieces), the “Grapeskunkape” Purple Edition (100 pieces), and the “Bigbud” Green Edition (100 pieces) are all available for purchase through Bigfoot One’s online store. Each figure retails for $95 (plus $11.50 for shipping), comes signed on the bottom of foot, and the box comes signed in 3 places with Bigfoot’s signature, a drawn face and a slogan. Definitely snag one of these awesome figures while they’re still available!
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