Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Critters Mini Figures by Zectron x Man-E-Toys x BigManToys

Zectron x Man-E-Toys x BigManToys The Critters Rubber Edition Mini Figures

BigManToys has teamed up with the Man-E-Toys blog and the Amazing Zectron (aka Plastic Soul) to produce a new line of mini figures inspired by the classic horror franchise Critters! Originally produced in extremely limited numbers by Eric Nilla and sold exclusively through the Little Rubber Guys forum, the latest batch of Zectron's debut toy will be released in two distinct versions: an authentic keshi-style rubber variant that has been produced by Tru:Tek over at Man-E-Toys, and a resin version from Lee over at BigManToys.

Zectron x Man-E-Toys x BigManToys The Critters Resin Edition Mini Figures

Both versions of this Critters mini figure take a wildly different approach in aesthetic. Tru:Tek has gone for a mixture of solid and marbled neons with his rubber version, whilst Lee has focused on "Graff-Eaty" hand paints, glossed clears, glitters, GITD and opaques resin Critters. And to stay true to the M.U.S.C.L.E. lover in all of us, both toy makers have also produced this killer figure in traditional pink “flesh” tones. There really is something for fans of retro mini-figs, art toys and cult horror!

Zectron x Man-E-Toys x BigManToys The Critters Mini Figures

These rubber and resin 1.5”x1.5” Critters inspired mini figures are scheduled to go on sale this Friday, August 24th, at 9pm London time (1pm PST). The Rubber Edition Critters Mini Figure will be available through the Man-E-Toys online store for $15 sold blind bagged style with the option for either a neon colorway or a flesh tone colorway. The Resin Edition Critters Mini Figure will be sold through the BigManToys online store (and the October Toys forum) for $13 each with various colorways to choose from. All figures come bagged with a header card featuring a hand drawn design from Zectron, and include a very special "safety booklet" on how to look after (and avoid getting eaten by) your very own Crite!
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