Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Green Series by Dead Hand Toys

The Green Series Resin Figures by Dead Hand Toys

This Thursday, August 30th, Brian Ahlbeck (the artists formally known as Lysol) of Dead Hand Toys will be releasing an all new batch of hand cast resin figures! Entitled simply “The Green Series”, this release will include 24 figures of Brian’s popular character from Tenacious ToysResin is King blind box series. The Blot has scoured the internet trying to find out what this figure’s name is, but I can’t find it listed anywhere! I guess it’s time to do a little investigative reporting (i.e. contacting Brian) to find out more about this interesting looking resin monster.

The Green Series by Dead Hand Toys will be comprised of almost complete 1 offs all in different shades of green. As you can see from the photo above, it will include green clear tints, florescent greens, metallics, marbled resin and so much more! With 24 figures The Blot is sure Brian’s got a few surprises lined up. Each figure will retail for $25 and can be purchased tomorrow, August 30th, at 12pm EST at the Dead Hand Toys online store.
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