Friday, September 7, 2012

Blood Splattered Exclusive The Walking Dead RV Zombie Pop! Vinyl Figure

Gemini Collectibles Exclusive The Walking Dead Blood Splattered RV Zombie Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko

The Blot loves when a cool store exclusive comes out of nowhere! Gemini Collectibles is releasing a Blood Splattered RV Zombie The Walking Dead Pop! vinyl figure by Funko sold exclusively through their online store. You’re probably thinking to yourself, what’s so different about this release because the standard RV Zombie already has blood splatter on it? Well you’re right, but this release has extra gory blood splatter on the figure, plus the full color window box comes blood splattered too! That’s gotta be a first for a Walking Dead toy, right? Those of you who display your Pop! figures in the box will definitely want to get your hands on this one!

The Gemini Collectibles Exclusive The Walking Dead Blood Splatter RV Zombie stands 3.75” tall, features one point of articulation, and has a limited edition run size of 1,000 pieces. While this figure is not expected to ship until October 2012, you can pre-order one today through the Gemini Collectibles online store for $15.99.
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