Monday, September 10, 2012

Deathhead Mickey by David Flores

Deathshead Mickey Vinyl Figure by David Flores

Collectors around the world have been going crazy for David Flores’ newest vinyl figure, the Deathhead! All of its limited releases to date have sold out instantly and people keep clamoring for more. Thankfully, the Deathhead is finally getting a wide release featuring its OG Mickey Mouse inspired colorway.

While I’m usually a diehard fan of anything David Flores does (The Blot’s a sucker for his stained glass art style), I was never a huge fan of his Deathhead design. David already did an amazing Mickey Mouse figure a few years ago and this just felt like a rehash. But then I saw picks of the 3D version of Flores’ Deathhead Mickey and was won over instantly. I think I needed to see it in this OG colorway to get the full impact of the figure. And at 10” tall the figure looks to be pretty massive!

Produced by BIC Plastics, Deathhead Mickey by David Flores retails for $90 each and should be available at designer art toy stores everywhere very soon.
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