Monday, September 10, 2012

Arctic and Atomic Ojisan/Karakuri Series by D-Lux

Arctic and Atomic Ojisan & Karakuri Series by D-Lux

If you’re still not familiar with D-Lux’ work yet, you should be! The Detroit artist is doing some incredible things with an airbrush, and he’s been releasing a number of highly sought after custom runs on a variety of sofubi platforms. The self proclaimed Toy Ruiner’s latest release is a blind bagged series of Arctic and Atomic hand painted custom Ojisan and Karakuri monsters. Grody Shogun’s 4” monsters are popular enough on their own, but when you add in a crazy paint job by D-Lux you’ve got an instant sell out on your hands.

D-Lux took an interesting approach to creating this Arctic and Atomic Series. Each figure was painted both internally and externally on crystal clear vinyl, giving them a pretty cool effect. Not only that but as you can tell from the photos above, the Arctic and Atomic Ojisans are very different from the Arctic and Atomic Karas. Arctic Kara is like crystallized jagged ice, while the Arctic Oji has more of a soft snowy feel to it with melted ice inside. Similarly, the Atomic Kara is like hot hunks of rock in pre molten state, while the Atomic Oji looks like molten lava from an atomic blast. It’s really amazing how D-Lux was able to use the exact same colors and paint style on two different figures and get such strikingly different results!

The Arctic and Atomic Ojisan/Karakuri Series by D-Lux went on sale last Saturday, September 8th, at the D-Lux online store for $40 each. Sold blind bag style, there were only 20 pieces created in all (5 of each figure in each colorway), and these sold out immediately upon release.
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