Friday, September 21, 2012

Transforming Collections Kickstarter Project by Philip Reed

Transforming Collections Toy Reference Book Kickstarter Project by Philip Reed

Fellow toy blogger Philip Reed (of has launched what The Blot thinks is a very cool Kickstarter project! He’s putting together the first reference book on the world of unofficial Transformers toys and accessories. Fans of Transformers already know this, but there’s a huge market of unlicensed Transformers “inspired” toys and accessories. Now these aren’t bootlegs or kitbashed, they’re actually manufactured toys (many of them high end and expensive) based on established Transformers characters from the cartoons, comics and toy lines. As Phil explains on his Kickstarter page, “since the launch of I have been drawn into this fascinating world, spending thousands of dollars to add these toys to my collection…yet many fans are unaware this world even exists.”

The Transforming Collections toy reference book is a 24 page 7.5"x7.5" saddle-stitched introduction to these unofficial toys. Filled with detailed high-resolution color photos, Transforming Collections takes what Phil has learned about this amazing world in the past four years and shares it with you in a handy format you'll reach for again and again. The KS project has already well surpassed its goal and has reached many of the stretch goals Philip set for the book, so it's definitely being produced. But if you want to guarantee you get one of these awesome books to add to your bookshelf then head over to the Transforming Collections Kickstarter project page and back it today! For as little as $15 you can secure a copy, but there’s only 9 days to go so be sure you head over to KS this week.
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