Monday, October 1, 2012

First Look: Silver 8" Mecha Dunny by Frank Kozik

First Look: Silver Mecha 8” Dunny & Screen Print Set by Frank Kozik

Wow, four years after the release of Dunny Series 5 Kidrobot is re-releasing Frank Kozik’s popular MechaDunny design as an 8” figure. As you may remember, the 3” MechaDunny was the S5’s rarest design, and a must have for both Kozik and Dunny collectors. The Blot was fortunate to pull one at my local Series 5 release party and it’s a pretty sweet figure. Now Kidrobot is teaming up with Frank Kozik once again to release an 8” MechaDunny!

First Look: Silver Mecha 8” Dunny by Frank Kozik

Honestly, it amazes me that after years of Kidrobot fans begging for 8” versions of their favorite 3” Dunnys KR is finally giving in with three “blown up” versions of classic 3” Dunnys all released within a few months of each other (Gold King, Silver King, Woe’s Panda and MechaDunny). I really expected this trend to kick off after Kidrobot released Luke Chueh’s 8” Blood and Fuzz Dunny in 2010, but sadly that never happened. I know some will say why reproduce designs when there are so many great deserving artists out there, but I don’t see any problem with it so long as it doesn’t dominate KR’s releases. I also wouldn’t mind a little updating of the designs ala Doktor A’s Rupture Ironclad Decimator Dunny.

First Look: Silver Mecha 8” Dunny Screen Print by Frank Kozik

The 8” Mecha Dunny was unveiled last week through a series of tweets by Kozik. Then yesterday Frank released 111 sets of the 8” Silver Mecha Dunnys with a limited edition 7”x9” screen print. Each figure and print came signed and numbers by Kozik with matching numbers. While I don’t know much about this release, I hear more of these awesome figures will be on sale soon! And since Kozik kept referring to them as the “Silver Mecha Dunny” I assume we’ll be seeing a second colorway of the design released as well.
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