Friday, October 12, 2012

Frankenfett Bootleg Star Wars Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

Frankenfett Kitbashed Bootleg Star Wars Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

Today Killer Bootleg is releasing its newest kitbashed resin figure Frankenfett!!! This awesome Halloween themed figure takes the body of a Kenner Star Wars Boba Fett action figure and combines it with the head of a vintage Remco Frankenstein from their popular 1980s Universal Monsters toy line. The body of this awesome figure is cast in black resin, while its head and hands are glow in the dark.  Killer Bootlegs is really a company after The Blot's own heart.  They've not produced an amazing line of Boba Fett themed bootleg figures.

The Frankenfett resin figure has a limited edition run size of 25 pieces, which includes 5 chase reverse colorways (GID body with a black head and hands), and will retail for $25 each at the Killer Bootleg online store. A number of these fun mashups have already been pre-ordered, ensuring this release will sell out quickly! So if you’re thinking of picking up this Star Wars bootleg act fast.

Killer Bootleg will also be releasing a series of one off Frankenfett colorways featuring florescent, glow in the dark, and solid resin pieces kitbashed together in a mashup of Frankenfett awesomeness! A new one off Frankenfett will be available every week throughout the months of October and November, and will retail for $65 each.
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