Thursday, October 25, 2012

“Nosforatea” Halloween T-Shirt by Edward Teabelly

“Nosforatea” Halloween Vampire T-Shirt by Edward Teabelly

Edward Teabelly, The Blot’s good friend from across the pond, has just released a fun new Halloween inspired t-shirt designed entitled appropriately enough “Nosforatea!” Hey, even the undead need a tea break, right!?! This Dracula sipping a hot cup of tea (or is it blood) design is pretty great, but I especially love the Edward Teabelly bat logo on the back! Released in conjunction with this fun new t-shirt is a new four 1” pin badge set of Edward Teabelly Vampire designs, perfect for the spooky season. The Blot loves a good spot of tea, and what better way to drink it than while sporting some Edward Teabelly gear!

“Nosforatea” Halloween Vampire Button 4 Pack by Edward Teabelly

The “Nosforatea” vampire t-shirt is currently available at the Edward Teabelly online store for £18.00 in guys (S-3XL) and girls (S-XL) styles, and the four button set can be purchased for just £2.99!
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