Friday, October 12, 2012

NYCC 12 Exclusive Kinda Blu Custom Series by Ryan the Wheelbarrow

New York Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive Kinda Blu Custom Dunny Vinyl Figures by Ryan the Wheelbarrow

Ryan the Wheelbarrow has been hard at work on a new series of customs for New York Comic-Con 2012 entitled Kinda Blu! The Kinda Blu ty_po 3″ Dunny series has a limited edition run size of 7 pieces available blind boxed style for $75 each. Each figure has been crafted with dry transfer instant lettering and Montana spray paint. There is 1 chase in the series that features a hint of Ryan’s [O8STACLES] style popping out if its head! It’s a pretty cool effect if you ask The Blot!

New York Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive Kinda Blu Custom Mega Munny & Fonzo Vinyl Figures by Ryan the Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow is also releasing his first custom Fonzo in his very crisp Kinda Blu text_r style and is entitled “hint hint wink wink.” Created using di-cut vinyl letters and Montana spray paint, this one of a kind 6” custom vinyl figure will retail for $150. Along with Fonzo, Ryan has customized his first Mega Munny as well. The Kinda Blu Mega Munny ($750) features Wheelbarrow’s latest styling nicknamed x-text_r. x-text_r uses matte and glossy spray paints with dicut vinyl letters as a mask. The Blot’s really loving this new effect Wheelbarrow has come up with! I love seeing how his unique art style is constantly growing and evolving.

All 9 Kinda Blu custom figures created by Ryan the Wheelbarrow seen here are currently available at the myplasticheart NYCC booth #3313 (while supplies last).
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