Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Silver Back MAD Ape Custom 20” Dunny

Silver Back MAD Ape Custom 20” Dunny by MAD

If you follow MAD on Instagram then you know he’s been working on a series of custom MAD APE 20” Dunnys. The White MAD Ape showed up at the Kidrobot X: 10 Years of Art + Design custom Dunny charity auction, and last night the black Silver Back MAD Ape popped up in MAD’s online store! My only question is where’d that Blue MAD Ape 20” custom Dunny go?

The Silver Back Ape Custom 20” Dunny is a hand painted, one of a kind custom based on MAD’s popular 3" MAD APE design. This is actually a planned MAD Ape variant color that Kidrobot never produced, but The Blot’s still holding out hope we’ll see an 8” version of it eventually. This beautiful custom figure comes signed by MAD and can be yours for $1,500.00 by visiting the MAD online store.
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