Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ugly Pump-corn Vinyl Figures by Rampage Toys

“Ugly Pump-corn” Ugly Unicorn Vinyl Figures by Rampage Toys

Rampage Toys has been traveling the globe these past few months, but now that Jon’s back in Japan it’s time for a new Ugly Unicorn release. It’s almost Halloween, so that can only mean one thing…orange vinyl! The Ugly Pump-corns feature green, orange and black spray, and yes Jon cut out their eyes and mouth and sprayed them black on the inside. It’s really a pretty cool effect! But here’s the catch, only 10 orange Ugly Unicorns have been produced, and you can order these Ugly Pump-corns either painted or unpainted. This means there may be 5 painted and 5 unpainted or 8 painted and 2 unpainted. It’ll all be based on the first 10 orders placed.

The Ugly Pump-corn Ugly Unicorns by Rampage Toys drop at around 9pm EST today, October 30th, at the Rampage Toys online store. Blank figures will retail for $30, while the painted Ugly Pump-corns will retail for $40.
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