Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Green 8” Mecha Dunny by Frank Kozik

Kidrobot - Mecha Dunny MDA1 Tactical Assault Unit 8 Inch Dunny Vinyl Figure by Frank Kozik

Kidrobot’s release of Frank Kozik’s new 8” MechaDunny has to be one of the most secretive releases of all time. The Blot still doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Evidently these just show up in stores at a random day and time? I’m not saying we need to know everything, but a little info goes a long way! The second colorwy of Kozik’s MechaDunny, entitled Model MDA1 Tactical Assault Unit, has been hitting stores recently and it looks like this one is going to be impossible to get!

With a limited edition run size of just 300 pieces and sporadic drops, how do you even find one? I personally really like the green camouflaged look, but I’ve seen a few people comment that the color scheme doesn’t fit easily in their collections. Either way, expect to pay some big bucks to add this to your collection if you aren’t able to find it out in the wild.
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