Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Optimus Prime Transformers Screen Print by Kevin Tong

Optimus Prime Transformers Timed Edition Screen Print by Kevin Tong

Acidfree Gallery’s Hasbro Screen Print Series continues to impress!!! On Friday, November 16th, Acidfree Gallery is releasing this killer Optimus Prime Transformers screen print by Kevin Tong! Not only that, but they’re releasing three different editions of the print enabling everyone that wants one to add this amazing print to their collection. You really can’t beat that!

Optimus Prime Transformers Standard Edition Screen Print by Kevin Tong

The first colorway is a 6 color, 16”x24” timed release edition. The print will sell for 24 hours and the edition number will be based on the number of prints sold within that period. These pieces will retail for just $40, and go on sale at 12:30pm EST on November 16th. The second colorway is 24”x36” screen print that has a limited edition run size of 100 pieces. This version has slightly different coloring than the timed release and will include beautiful metallic inks. This version also goes on sale on November 16th, but at random time.

Optimus Prime Transformers Glow in the Dark Variant Screen Print by Kevin Tong

Last but not least is the ultra limited Optimus Prime Variant which is a 24”x36” 6 color screen print featuring standard, metallic and glow in the dark inks! This crazy looking print has a limited edition run size of just 50 pieces and will retail for $100 at a random time on November 16th. All three versions will be sold at the Acidfree Gallery online store and the two limited edition versions will include a trading card certificate of authenticity that comes signed and numbered by the artist (the timed version will only come numbered).
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