Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Secret Painting Club Blue Edition by Couk

Secret Painting Club Blue Version Blind Bag Painting Series and Packaging by Couk

UK artist James Downing (aka Couk) has been working on a really cool project entitled the Secret Painting Club (Blue Version), which is a new blind bag series of 20 original 4”x3” acrylic painting on box canvas! Each painting is a one-off original, never to be reproduced, and comes packaged in a sealed bag so the piece you get is completely random. The idea behind Couk’s concept is that feeling of anticipation as you open a Dunny/ Kubrick/Qee blind box, while not knowing exactly what you might get. Combine that adrenalin rush with the ability to own a one-off piece of original artwork and you’ve got a killer combination.

Secret Painting Club Blue Version Blind Bag Painting Series by Couk

Each secret painting can be hung or stood upright on a surface, and comes wrapped in black paper along with a hand-drawn character card (containing a sketch and some information about the character) and a full color collector's card (showcasing all 20 characters). All of this is tucked away in a printed paper bag, sealed tightly with a Couk wax seal. The Blot loves the idea of affordable original art and Couk’s Secret Painting Club sounds and looks amazing!!! This is the Blue Edition of the Secret Painting Club meaning each painting features a blue background.

Secret Painting Club Blue Version Blind Bag Painting Series by Couk

The Secret Painting Club Blue Version by Couk goes on sale at 4pm EST this Sunday, December 2nd, at Couk’s online store for £23 each. Characters in the Blue Series include Double H (who wears a skull hat haunted by his schizophrenic grandpa), Vee (a lone head with a new body made out of construction paper and toilet rolls), Plibt (who is upset that there's a girly tree growing from his head), and Hoodsie (a hybrid of bird, bear and custard).
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