Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Hawaiian Wooper Looper Vinyl Figures by D-Lux & Gary Ham

D-Lux x Gary Ham New Hawaiian Wooper Looper Custom Vinyl Figures

Gary Ham has teamed up with D-Lux to release a really sweet micro run of custom Wooper Loopers this Saturday! Featuring D-Lux’ signature New Hawaiian color scheme, these 5 Wooper Loopers sport florescent yellow, pink, orange and metallic teal sprays. The Blot loves this colorway and all it’s crazy vibrant colors, but don’t take my word for it! Check out what Gary Ham had to say about these beautiful New Hawaiian Wooper Loopers: "D-Lux's neo-Hawaiian treatment makes my mouth water. Reminds me off shaved ice and sunsets. Win!"

The “New Hawaiian” Wooper Looper comes bagged with a wood block stamped custom header card, and can be purchased from D-Lux’ online store beginning at the stroke of midnight EST on Saturday, December 1st for around $65.
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