Friday, December 14, 2012

B5100 ED-IT DJ Resin Figure by Tesselate

Red B5100 ED-IT DJ Resin Figure by Tesselate

The Blot is way late on this awesome release from UK artist Tesselate! The ED-IT DJs are a progression of characters Tesselate created back in 1999. As the story goes, the ED-IT are a group of technology based DJs who have grown into a large force within the underground music scene. Ever since the 2068 “Law of Awareness,” which granted all non-human creations the same right as humans, the group has gained a following and have rapidly taken their performances worldwide. B5100 is one of the joint founders of the ED-IT group, who started his career in the then illegal “fully auto” underground club nights.

Red Head B5100 ED-IT DJ Resin Figure by Tesselate

The Blot loves when characters like B5100 have such thought out and detailed backgrounds! B5100 stands 6.6″ tall and this red colorway has a limited edition run size of just 5 pieces. Each figure is hand cast in resin, hand painted by Tesselate and includes a well used underground club desk and two miniature Accex sound creating devices. Pick one up today at the Tesselate online store for £70. There is also a limited edition run of 5 B5100 Red Head resin figures available as well for £20. Click here to read a detailed description of how this fun new figure was created!
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