Thursday, December 6, 2012

“Hair-Raising Hare” Looney Tunes Screen Print by Michael De Pippo

“Hyde and Go Tweet” Looney Tunes Screen Print by Phantom City Creative

Later today Mondo will be releasing two more entries in its Looney Tunes Screen Print Series, including this fun “Hair-Raising Hare” print by Michael De Pippo. Based on the 1946 Merrie Melodies animated short of the same name, it features Bugs Bunny and the red monster Gossamer! The Blot’s been obsessed with De Pippo’s prints lately and this is another killer release.

“Hair-Raising Hare” by Michael De Pippo is an 18”x24” Looney Tunes hand numbered screen print with a limited edition run size of 260 pieces. This print can be purchased at the Mondo online store today, Thursday, December 6th, at a random time for $40 each.
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