Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Star Wars x The Walking Dead “The Ewoking Dead” Bootleg Figure by Killer Bootlegs

Star Wars x The Walking Dead “The Ewoking Dead” Bootleg Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

On Sunday Killer Bootlegs released an all new resin figure, The Ewoking Dead! The figure is actually based on an illustration of the same name by Jonathan Fallon. The Blot loves the Star Wars x The Walking Dead mash-up, and I believe this Killer Bootleg’s first flocked release. The figure is based on a Teebo the Ewok Star Wars action figure from Kenner’s 1983 Return of The Jedi line.

Then Killer Bootlegs added some gruesome zombie features onto poor Teebo, cast him in resin and flocked him in three different colorways. What’s great about this The Ewoking Dead figure is features articulation in its arms so you can give it that true zombielook! The Ewoking Dead has a limited edition run size of 25 pieces, each including a real cloth cowl, and can be purchased at the Killer Bootlegs online store for $40.
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