Saturday, January 26, 2013

Iron Man 3 Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figures by Funko

Iron Man 3 Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figures by Funko - Iron Man Mark 42, War Machine, Iron Patriot & Iron Man Deep Space Suit

There’s nothing that gets The Blot super excited about a big summer blockbuster movie than the release of some really cool tie-in toys (ok, a killer trailer helps too)! I’d heard for a while that Funko had some big things lined up for this summer’s superhero films, and they definitely delivered with this wave of Iron Man 3 Pop! Marvel vinyl figures. For the longest time I’ve read reports that the Iron Patriot suit was going to be the new War Machine armor in Iron Man 3, but seeing both “characters” included in this release makes me feel like Rhodey won’t be wearing the Iron Patriot armor after all.

The Iron Man 3 Pop! Marvel Wave includes Iron Man, War Machine, Iron Patriot and Deep Space Suit. Each figure stands 3.75” tall, features one point of articulation, and comes packaged in a full color displayable window box. While these awesome figures are not scheduled to invade store shelves until February 18, 2013, you can pre-order them all from Entertainment Earth for $9.99 each here.
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