Monday, January 28, 2013

The Walking Dead Minimates Series 3

The Walking Dead Minimates Series 3 Action Figures - Dreadlock Zombie, Guard Zombie, Tyreese, Dexter, Rick Grimes in Riot Gear, Farmer Zombie & Hershel

Diamond Select Toys is about to release a new wave of The Walking Dead Minimates, which will include characters’ appearances from Robert Kirkman’s critically acclaimed prison storyline. This riveting tale was originally told during the hit Image comic book’s second year back in 2004. The Blot seriously can’t believe it’s been over 8 years since that crazy story was first published! The Walking Dead Minimates Series 3 features Riot Gear Rick Grimes, and Tyreese, Hershel and Dexter all in orange prison jumpsuits. Each The Walking Dead character comes packaged as a 2 figure set with a zombie, either a Farmer, Guard or Dreadlock zombie.

All four The Walking Dead Series 3 sets will be available at your local comic book store, your favorite online retailer and the Rick and Dexter sets will also be available at Toys "R" Us. While these are not expected in stores until Spring 2013, you can preorder a complete set of all 8 figures from Entertainment Earth for $29.99 here.
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