Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Custom Metallic Deadbeets & Baby Deadbeets by D-Lux

Custom Metallic Baby Deadbeet Mini Figures and Deadbeet Vinyl Figure by D-Lux

Yesterday D-Lux surprised us all by releasing a set of delicious looking custom metallic Deadbeets! This set includes four Baby Deadbeets PVC mini figures and one 7.5” Deadbeet vinyl figure. Each custom figure features metallic red, teal and blue spray with black rub and toxic green eyes. D-Lux really came hard with these customs of Scott Tolleson's undead veggie. The one of a kind Custom Metallic Deadbeet retailed for $100, while the four Custom Metallic Baby Deadbeets retailed for just $25! Sadly all five of these sick customs sold out almost immediately from D-Lux’ online store.
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