Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Mk2 Maintenance Sprogs by Cris Rose

Mk2 Maintenance Sprogs by Cris Rose - Copper Renold, Renold & Runcible Resin Figures

Three years ago Cris Rose’s first Sprogs were released upon the world. Renold, Rigel and Radcliffe were three little maintenance bots with cheeky personalities and a dumpy persuasion. Sadly, at the end of last year they were discontinued…but here are their replacements! Still retaining much of the charm and character of their Mk1 guises, these Mk2 Maintenance Sprogs sees a major upgrade in robustness and power. The MK2 version of Renold, Rigel and Radcliffe can lift heavier, twist harder and grab more accurately with their upgraded limbs and are 60% bigger overall. These resin figures also sport new articulation at the neck and crown on the front.

The first release of Rose’s new Mk2 Maintenance Sprogs go on sale today, Wednesday, February 27th, at 18:00 London time via the Cris Rose online store. This release comes in Rose’s classic copper colorway, the very same color scheme Cris’ very first 2 bots Runcible and Rotund were released in. Each figure has a limited edition run size of just 5 pieces and retails for $65.
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